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too many

maybe im broken/

or maybe youre too obsessed with yourself/

but it reminds me of that guy that crushed me/

when i look in the mirror and theres no reflection/

this strain is spilling

carnage in the windowsill/







but a word doesnt do us justice/

//so im consistantly cryptic

&& ill just leave it at that/

4. pg.43

freestyle 1

Blocking out the world

Calling it my own

Hiding the alcohol on my breath

My parents probably don’t believe in me

This music speaks to me

Or maybe that’s the whiskey

But I’d rather be with you

Sipping wine and making love

This old house makes me miss my home

Because I don’t recognize these people anymore

My happiness is up in the air

Clearing the lines like we don’t care

But I do care

I’m just afraid to admit it

And even some of my lowest lows with you

Are my highest highs in life/

I just wanna make the world a little better

For the people I love

Without losing my passion’s center/

Rhyming on and off I don’t know what I’m doing

I love you

And that’s all that matters.

distant laughter

hymn to the bodies
beneath the flowerbed/
silouhettes in an empty house
children playing bloody mary/
movement outside your bedroom door
when loneliness is your friend/
she plays in the graveyards
swirling the painted stars/
the darkness envelopes the air
and steals their breaths/
ghosts on the playgrounds
swing-sets at midnight/
when a cool breeze leaves a cold sweat
cries from the girl without a face


Tomorrow I’ll be thirsty for the nostalgia I’m creating today
I’m well-versed on giving up
And a sucker for being forgotten

Kiss and take to your grave
But please hurry and kiss me before I’m over these desires

My childhood is my stronghold but they tell me that’s dead now

My dreams are nightmares until i die in them

We can all move on
When we won’t admit we want to go home

firsthand account

Everybody’s cheating on someone with somebody in anybody’s eyes
We choke our dreams with bloody hands
I’m a dead end street filled with bad decisions
in a world where all God’s bigots go to heaven
Hide in their malice
And find no truth
Nights where every songs is about you and your red wrists
Welcome to the age of feelings
Trying to make up for those I’m still looking for
And within these moments of clarity, I find
The insanity that exists in my peace of mind
All the while whispering in my sleep
Calling you home

untitled poem #7

there’s a break in this heat

long after my bedtime

when the shadows are gone

and the rain fills the streets

and floods my windows with that smell

and i’m happy in moments

but sad all the time

please don’t ask me why

because the truth keeps changing

and it makes it worse


sick and twisted

this vision\

every one just wants their ‘finally’

i’ll kill anyone that gets close

i didn’t wanna lose you

or myself

but concepts hold hands

like they’re on fire/

as time runs out

and draws thin as this blade

Raindrop rivers

Let’s climb trees
And fall in love
Jump in lakes
And kiss til we can’t see
Walk through forests
And play with the moon
Explore caves
And find each other in the dark
Swing on playgrounds
And never grow up
Drink through the night
And laugh through the day
Smile between kisses
And skip rocks at sunset
Let’s climb trees
And fall in love

Moonlit Serenade

Ceiling illuminated from the streetlight across the way
Nightsky dances above me
Lost in the stars
Poor substitute for your eyes
Songs in the back of my head remind me of morning beside you
And the smell of your hair
As you caress my skin

Emptiness becomes filled with warmth and smiles
Wherever you’re headed is good enough for me
A million thanks and kisses couldn’t express
Half of my depth for you
I swear I was born right in your doorway

Drunk in the backseat
Trying to form words that wouldn’t do you justice sober
Wrapped in a memory
And tied with a wish
Here’s my heart
It was yours from the start

paint brush.

Chemicals in finger tips
Combustion in strokes
Scratch the inside bottom lip
Forgetting everything past
Whispered words on canvas
In the moments you forget your sorrow


Pastel bodies
in the corridor.
Wrists keep snapping
like my brain.
Staring until everything turns to blood
and the words write themselves.
I’ll be residing in the comfort
of fair weather friends.
Screaming to my emptiness.
Love letters and suicide notes and
fantasies and scarring lungs and nothing.
Shots that burn in your chest
until you remember who you are-
what you want to forget.
Bruises turning green
time to freshen up.
The moon is drunk and shining on
everything I’m tired of seeing.

nowhe r e

draining bottles into empty stomachs

dreams of isolation

waking up alone


going to bed with them

feelings of emptiness

draining thighs into bathtubs