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Joan"Whatever could be on your mind?"
Peggy: ”Can you believe this?”
Joan"It happens all the time, they’re all just in between marriages, you know that. He’ll probably make her a copywriter. He’s not going to want to be married to his secretary."
Peggy"Is that what he meant? She admires you, Jesus."
Joan"That’s the way it works for some"
Peggy"You know, I just saved this company. I signed the first new business since Lucky Strike left, but its not as important as getting married. Again."
Joan"Well, I was just made Director of Agency Operations. A title, no money of course. And if they poured champagne it must’ve been while I was pushing the mail cart"
Peggy: ”A pretty face comes along, and everything goes out the window.”
Joan"Well, I learned a long time ago, to not get all my satisfaction from this job."
Peggy: ”That’s bullshit.”

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